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Görülen geçmiş zamanın hikayesi ile öğrenilen geçmiş zamanın hikayesinin arasındaki fark nedir? Mesala, gel-di-y-di ve gel-miş-ti. Örnekler ile bana anlatabilir misiniz? Teşekkürler.

Vikipedi'de öğrenilen (yani miş'li) geşmiş zamanın hikayesi hakkında bir madde var ama görülen hakkında yok. 

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  • thegoodmonkey profile picture thegoodmonkeyMarch 2021
    Görülen geçmiş zaman is when you actually witnessed the event yourself as it was happening. It’s like saying ”Yeah I saw that one happening and I know for one that it’s true.”

    Öğrenilen geçmiş zaman is when you were not the witness yourself, but someone else told you about it and you don’t really know whether it actually happened or not and you have to rely on their account of the story.

    ”Michael Jackson cildini boyattı” - said noone ever, because noone actually saw it happening.

    ”Michael Jackson cildini boyatmış” - said just about anyone who believes the tabloids.

    See, this grammatical distinction does not exist in English. A proper translation of the above examples would be:

    ”I know that Michael Jackson bleached his skin.”
    ”Well they say Michael Jackson bleached his skin.”

    Hope that helps!