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Hello! I really need some help in translation from Turkish to English!

Sirketimize atanan isletme Müdürü ******* ******** yetki ve sorumlulugu, 24/07/2018 tarihli ve 2018/01 sayili Müdürler Kurulunun Çalisma Usul ve Esaslari ile Yetkilerin Devri Hakkindaki iç Yönergeye is istinaden sirketimiz ünvani altinda atacagi imza ile temsil ve ilzam etmesine oy birligi ile karar verilmistir.

Thank you for the help!

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............. ................ is authorised by general compact as the factory manager to our company has the power and liability to sign documents under our company name by the internal Managers Court's directive about Working Rules by Transfering Power dated 24.07.2018 and numbered 2018/01, .
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Company Manager ..... authority and responsibility is decided to be unanimously approved by the Board of Directors on 24/07/2018 with the signature of the Board of Directors and the representation and binding of the Company under the title of our company pursuant to the internal Directive on the Transfer of Authorizations.
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