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Hello everyone! I want to learn Turkish and can someone help me?)
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crnnuslu profile picture crnnusluDecember 2017
I am Turkish, I can help you but I want to learn English,. Can you help me
filis811 profile picture filis811October 2018
Sure! Ask me questions about Turkish whenever you want ! I am Turkish
batuhan_ka profile picture batuhan_kaAugust 2018
If you wanna learn Turkish i can help you
Rmsayan profile picture RmsayanJune 2018
If you wanna learn Turkish i can help you.
nana_91 profile picture nana_91August 2018
hello guys i can speak Farsi and Turkish well but about English i am not so good could you please help me?
umutcan54 profile picture umutcan54April 2018
I am new lerning .