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Hi. I am from the United States and only know English. I want to learn Turkish and would like help. Thank you.
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arda_sahin profile picture arda_sahinJanuary 2017
ı can help you
pppandoraaa profile picture pppandoraaaJanuary 2017
if you want i can help
caglag34 profile picture caglag34January 2017
I can help you
Aselsan profile picture AselsanDecember 2016
yes ı an help you
ERTUGRUL12 profile picture ERTUGRUL12December 2016
ı can help you for turkish but if you teach english me
seray_arsl profile picture seray_arslNovember 2016
I can help you ıf want , I am here
umitguzel profile picture umitguzelOctober 2016
I can help you for Turkish but i need more help for my english, can you help me also
mertacar profile picture mertacarOctober 2016
yes I want