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Tofauti kati "wangu" na "yangu"

Why do you say "rafiki yangu" but "mjomba wangu"? It both means "my", it's both about a male person, it's both singular. Can anyone explain that to me?


Wahidah profile picture WahidahDecember 2017
Hi, in Kiswahili, there is a group of words called "ngeli", it shows the plural and singular of a word. eg "mjomba" is in ngeli ya M-WA (A-WA) (living things) Mjomba- Wajomba, Msichana-Wasichana (girl-girls), Mwanaume-Wanaume (man-men) etc. Mjomba wangu alikuja (my uncle came). Wajomba wangu walikuja (my uncles came). Kiswahili is changing (growing), the word rafiki remains rafiki in plural but we do find "marafiki' in use too. eg Rafiki yangu alikuja ( my friend came), Rafiki zangu, walikuja (my friends came). If you like i can send you a pdf on the groups for better understanding and you ask me any question on the same. Good luck!