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I carry the chair outside. إلى or في

I'd like to translate "I carry the chair outside." into Arabic. Do I have to use إلى or في  ?

أحمل الكرسي في الخارج

أحمل الكرسي إلى الخارج

Thank you in advance :)


BMaria profile picture BMariaApril 2021
if the meaning of the word to carry is relieved, you can use ’’في’’
أحمل الكرسي في الخارج
if it’s mean to bring, you use
أحمل الكرسي الى الخارج او أنقل الكرسي الى الخارج
  • Yasceine_Bahbouh profile picture Yasceine_BahbouhApril 2021
    It depend on the direction:
    إلى means you are moving the chair from inside towards outside.
    في means you are carrying the chair while you are outside.
    the first is direction, the second is point of place