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How can I learn Arabic in a limited time?!


hamza1 profile picture hamza1February 2021
I don’t think that we can learn a language in a limited time, because there is a lot of things we have to learn about, you’ve to start step by step, this is my advice to you starting by letters and simple words
Mona00Mostafa profile picture Mona00MostafaFebruary 2021
you can learn to write and read in Arabic in a limited time. But to be fluent in Arabic, you’ve to work on yourself at least two years of hard-working.
Take into account that I’m talking about ”Fosha”.

However, if you started your learning journey by learning how to read and write in Arabic (that will help you to feel that you’ve achieved something, as you can learn it within two weeks on average), and learning Arabic sentences ”not individual vocabs”. That will help you to speak and understand Arabic in a few months.

Mahmoudfathy22 profile picture Mahmoudfathy22February 2021
I can help you