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Hello, I have a question about the words مرتفعة and عالية. Is there a difference in the use or meaning of these two words? I should add that both words are adjectives and mean high in English.
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Adam_maki profile picture Adam_maki2 weeks ago
they r exactly-almost the same thing, it just (3aleia) is more often used
shyima profile picture shyima2 weeks ago
All these synonymous
  • imane23 profile picture imane232 weeks ago
    most times they are equals they explain same meaning you can just choose one of them for example
    ضعط دم مرتفع*عال*high blood pressure
    *يتحدث بصوت مرتفع*عال he speaks loud
    هو لديه همة عالية*he has high determination
    جبل عال *
    You will be able to know when each word is used with frequent reading and listening.
    But in principle, do not go too deep, so as not to get lost, it is enough for you to know that they are synonymous.
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