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What is the difference between literary Arabic and dialectal Arabic?
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hekma profile picture hekmaMay 2019
Literary Arabic uses standard Arabic to express the emotions and events. Most of time it discuss Arabic behaviors and issues. Far from it, dialectal Arabic uses dialects to express the events and emotions. it discusses social issues related to the society of the writers who use common phrases and words which only understood by the people of the country.
At last, some writer use standard Arabic with dialects because they think the literary work become more realistic.
bezzaf profile picture bezzafMay 2019

literary arabic is the classic form of linguistic system of arabic language , but the dialectal arabic is spoken not written . literary is called fus-ha , and dialectal is called aamiyya . fus-ha is straight and aamiya is twisted .

whiterose1 profile picture whiterose1May 2019

Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language used in formal communications while Dialectal Arabic (DA) refers to the spoken languages in different Arab countries and regions,

and they are widely used on social media for daily communications.

There are differences between DA and MSA at almost all levels, and resources for DA are very limited compared to MSA,