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What is diference between "مسرور" and "مسرورة"?
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Fawaz-a-s profile picture Fawaz-a-sDecember 2016
for male : مسرور for female : مسرورة
Yusra_ profile picture Yusra_September 2016
Arabic words r either masculine or feminine.4 example: سعيد which means happy is masculine سعيدة which means happy is feminine.
she is clever. هي ذكية
he is clever. هو ذكي
she is a child. هي طفلة
He is a child. هو طفل
liberhadi profile picture liberhadiJanuary 2019
مسرور = happy (masculine)
مسروة = happy (feminine)

Therefore still some exceptions like (نابغة، داهية...) which go to masculine and feminine .
Good luck
Ab21 profile picture Ab21December 2016
مسرور its called for a boy and it means happy and مسرورة its called for a girl .
raed_rabba profile picture raed_rabbaNovember 2016
مسروره تعني انها انثى ومسرور ذكر
mo4 profile picture mo4September 2016
مسرور for men مسروره for women