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Salamu alaikum everyone! I want to learn arabic inshaAllah soon. Anyone who want to exchange arabic with spanish?


MK1 profile picture MK1August 2020
how I can learn English ?
laula7 profile picture laula7September 2017
i can teach you Arabic
NusibaTalahmeh profile picture NusibaTalahmehJune 2020
Yes, I can teach you Arabic
bezzaf profile picture bezzafApril 2019
ahmed_meta profile picture ahmed_metaMarch 2019
هل تودين تعلم اللغه وتساعدين في تعلم الاسبانية؟
alm555 profile picture alm555December 2017
مرحبا وعليكم السلام
samo4546919 profile picture samo4546919October 2017
in need to tallk if you mind