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Salamu alaikum everyone! I want to learn arabic inshaAllah soon. Anyone who want to exchange arabic with spanish?


azo_mila profile picture azo_milaOctober 2017
مرحبا بك
Jano1 profile picture Jano1October 2017
ابحث عن صديقه الآن
Jano1 profile picture Jano1October 2017
Ich Arabica
moneerr profile picture moneerrSeptember 2017
i can tech you arabic
i am arabic from syria
Mhaidar0 profile picture Mhaidar0September 2017
U are welcome
eleas_ma profile picture eleas_maJanuary 2017
I can help you in fice book my name in arbic حبيبنا اللزم ad me in your friends to speak with you on massager
ahmad82 profile picture ahmad82January 2017