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Difference between ”No entiendo” and ”No comprendo”?

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sara_perez2 profile picture sara_perez2April 2023
Both are the same meaning but ”no entiendo” is more colloquial than ”no comprendo” However if you come to Spain and say to me ”no comprendo” I will understand perfectly, but its just in a formal context.
alecoiba profile picture alecoibaMarch 2023
Both mean the same thing. You can use both. Most native speakers use ”No entiendo”.
jcalvetm profile picture jcalvetm3 weeks ago
Both are synonims, but I would use the sentence ”No entiendo lo que me dice” o ”No le entiendo.”.

In Spain , ”Entender” has an idiomatic use (more slang that idiom) and is used in certain evironments to ”designate politely” boys that like another boys. ”Un chico que entiende” is a way to say that a boy is gay.
Luisforest profile picture LuisforestApril 2023
No es igual. Entender es que entiendes la situacion y comprender es que entiendes y haces algo.
superfaco profile picture superfacoApril 2023

Same difference as understanding and comprehending. The latter being for more formal contexts.

Luisforest profile picture LuisforestApril 2023

Quisiera que alguien me ayude con mi portugues de brasil y yo le ayudo con el español. Gracias