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Is this correct? ¿Es esto correcto? ”Yo tengo un perro.”

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alecoiba profile picture alecoibaMarch 2023
”Yo tengo un perro” is correct. BUT, in (Mexican) Spanish the pronoun ”I” is rarely used. So, you´d say ”Tengo un perro”. Tengo already means ”I have”. You can use both but sometimes it sounds weird when you use I.

In some South American countries and in Puerto Rico, too, many people use phrases like ”Que tu quieres que yo haga?””What do you want me to do?”. Which sounds a little weird with the pronouns You and I. So, you´d better say: ”Qué quieres que haga?”. ”Qué quieres...? already means ”What do you want...?” and ”haga” already means ”me to do”.
Lucia06 profile picture Lucia06April 2023
Hola; si, es correcto decir ”Yo tengo un perro”
Pero puedes decir simplemente: Tengo un perro.
Zulay7 profile picture Zulay7March 2023
Is this correct? significa Es esto correcto?
  • alecoiba profile picture alecoibaMarch 2023
    Yes. You can also say ”Es correcto ésto?”. Many people also use ”Ésto es correcto?” but the question should begin with ”Es” (Is). The way questions are made are mostly wrong even in English. Many people don´t start the questions using (am, is, are).
sara_perez2 profile picture sara_perez2May 2023
Its correct, but if you want to sound more ”native” yo can skip the personal pronoun at the beginning of the sentence: ”Tengo un perro” We use to talk like this.
Maliche profile picture MalicheMay 2023
Si , te estás refiriendo de forma particular