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meanings of « pijo » ?

Someone in the chat (@PepitaPa) told me :

In Murcia, in Spain we have a word for lots of things, it's "pijo". I don't even know where it comes from, but it has really lots of meanings: when you talk about people "un pijo" it's "rich kid", when you say "me importa un pijo", that means "I don't care", "y un pijo" means "no way", etc. I think that's only in Murcia. In fact in Spain it's legendary, if you put a "pijo" in a conversation everybody knows that you come from Murcia.


What are the different meanings of that word?


alecoiba profile picture alecoibaLast month

Pijo in spaniard spanish means rich young people. Pijo, Pija or Pito also means penis, so ”Me importa un pijo” (in Spain) or ”Me importa un pito” (in Spain, Mexico and other latin American countries) both mean ”I don’t care”, but that isn’t a polite way to say it, so, beware.

Pito also means Whistle, as in Blow a whistle.

  • PepitaPal profile picture PepitaPal4 weeks ago
    Acho (commes from Muchacho), if you say both words like: ¡Acho pijo! it can mean = be careful or pay attention
  • PepitaPal profile picture PepitaPal4 weeks ago
    In Murcia we use it for almost everything, it’s a real commun word, it seems it commes from Pico (of a bird). We can have some declinations too, like: A pijo sacao= really fast (Iba en el coche a pijo sacao), or you can say as quantity: Me he pegado una pijada a comer= I ate too much