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What are the differences between Quechua and Aymara languages?
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S0ulrebel profile picture S0ulrebelLast month

Hi ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff a lot of differences here... These languages derive from a missing language called Puquina , both have the same logic to create phrases (with morphemes) but vocabulary, sounds are very different and each one varies regionaly

  • vincent profile picture vincentLast month
    Thanks for your answers, Soulrebel and Ro7 : Good enough answer since the question was too broad !
  • Ro7 profile picture Ro7Last month
    Hola, además agregar que el Quechua es originario de Perú, y el Aymara de Bolivia, de etnias propias de cada localidad.
Luiz_con_Z profile picture Luiz_con_Z2 weeks ago
I agree with Sourel. I’m from Peru, and Runa SiMi or Quechua has dialects as any other languages. In Per there 4 variants, South (Chanka), Center (Huancayo), Ancashino & from the Jungle. out side Peru as well, as Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia for example. Aymara in the other hand is used in Puno, southern department and border with Bolivia, over there the population of aymara speakers is much bigger than Peru. that’s for sure.