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”Convitato di pietra”


hay expresiones en español de significado parecido a "convitato di pietra" italiano?

Su significado, equivalente en sentido al ingles "elephant in the room" es : " persona o situación amenazante o desagradable que las personas intentan olvidar o a que las personas evitan enfrentarse durante las discusiones".

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RB2 profile picture RB23 weeks ago
It is exactly the same but in Spanish: "Convidado de piedra"
angel0909 profile picture angel09093 weeks ago
I not an expert but I think that in spanish there is not a exact phrase that means "elephant in the room", not at a general level of the language.

But, on a regional level, in centain countries there are! In Colombia for example there are several very colloquial phrases that mean that. But I don't know if those work for you, they are very very particular and only locals use them...
S0ulrebel profile picture S0ulrebel3 weeks ago

Ciao, non c'é una citazione per "convitato di pietra" , ma posso dirti che ogni cittá ha la sua "citazione", quelli che sono piú usati: -El / esto ESTÁ DEMÁS -El / esto ESTÁ APESTADO