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Qué compramos o cuál compramos?

I am still having trouble which one to use (que and cual). In every source it says you should use que for explanations and definitions and cual for mostly preferences and expect a simple answer. But how can I differentiate what is a simple anwer and what is an explanation. For example, ........compramos a papá para el día del padre? , should I use que or cual in this sentence? In english, it is like what do we buy for dad's birthday but the answer could be simple as well as a huge explanation. Thank you for your answer :)

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Katherine77 profile picture Katherine77El mes pasado
Hi! The correct answer for your sentence will be '' Que ''
  • Katherine77 profile picture Katherine77El mes pasado
    You can use '' Cuál '' ( Which ) when you have different options and you need to choose one , and '' Que'' (What )when you need information about something.
S0ulrebel profile picture S0ulrebelEl mes pasado
Hello, like Katherine77 said: Cuál (Which), use when you have options, and frequently you know about the options. Qué (what) use it when it is in a general way. QUÉ compramos a papá por el dia del padre? Means you don't know what are you going to buy you even think about it while if you have options to decide, we may have this conversation: -El carro rojo o negro, Cuál LE compramos a papa para el dia del padre?