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Hello, how are you?

I want to start taking spanish classes again, and I'm looking for a grammar book

just like the collections "Grammar in Use" for learning English and 

"Grammaire Progressif / Les 500 exercices de Grammaire" for learning French. 

These collections are quite similar, with grammar explanation on one side of the page

followed by a page with exercises. Any suggestions guys? 

I thank you in advance :) 

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Em_tyrell profile picture Em_tyrell3 дзён таму

Thank you Juan. 

My native language is Brazilian Portugue. I believe our languages are very close related. As for understanding, I guess I have this advantage over the other learners. 

I'll make sure to follow your advice. 


YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlackDecember 2019
ISBN 0134244168
Copyright: 16
Publisher: PH
Edition: 3


This is the Spanish textbook that is utilized for Spanish 101 at UH Manoa Purchase Textbook Total: $191.95