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"Me quiero dar el viaje" English Translation

What is the translation of "Me quiero dar el viaje"?

I know "dar un viaje" means to go on a trip, but I don't understand the meaning, as well as why there is a "me" in front of "quiero".

I know "querer" is not a reflexive verb....

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Sidemont profile picture SidemontApril 2017
Okay, so... like 123xRubi said, maybe it's a phrase refered to the drugs. In Spanish "Tener un viaje" is to be drugged.
But, "Viaje" in the most literal means is "Travel" so can be used like "I want to travel".
In my country, is used the phrase "Me quiero dar el lujo", that mean "I want to spend money in me/ to me". So that can be the same, maybe can be a little bit bad wrote.

-Get high
-A travel

And "Querer" is "To Want", and is used in the same way.
So if you say "Me quiero" you are expressing your want to do something for your own "benefice".

"Me quiero ir..." (I want to get out)
"Me quiero comprar..." (I want to buy)
"Me quiero comer toda la comida..." (I want to eat all the food)

If you have any question or doubt send me a mail.

123xRubi profile picture 123xRubiApril 2017
Jamás he escuchado esa frase y de cierta forma suena raro.
Viaje en español es usado para referirse a drogas.

"Me" means "to me"
Literally means "I want to give me a trip". This phrase don't have sense in spanish. Usually "trip" means "drugs".

Maybe the phrase if about drugs "I want to get hig"