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How to make the difference between "Ser" and "Estar" in Spanish ? :)
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EvaSvdr profile picture EvaSvdrMay 2016

"Ser" means to be something or someone, it relates to giving it physical description or essence.
1. Yo soy Eva (I am Eva)
2. Él es alto (He is tall)

"Estar" refers to be somewhere. It relates to position or to the current state.
1. Yo estoy en el parque (I am at the park)
2. Él está en la cocina (He is in the kitchen)
  OR referring to a current state!
1. Ellos están enfermos (They are sick)
2. Tú estás feliz (He is happy)

andres_mol profile picture andres_molFebruary 2017
"Estar" refers to a intrinsic quality, physical or about the personality, for example "soy alto", "soy Andrés", "soy joven", etc... something that doesn't change, it's permanent (unless you change your name).

"Estar" refers to a position or the current state, something that uses to change in the future,... for example "Yo estoy en tu casa", "estoy enfermo", "estoy mucho mejor"...

Sometime people uses "ser" with a verb that refers to a current state, for example "yo soy una persona sana"... in this case, the person talks about the "trend" of being a healty person the most part of the time, but it's possible to be sick any moment.
Georgo2112 profile picture Georgo2112November 2012
"Ser" is for describing a continuous or permanent state or quality that don't change. "Estar" is for describing momentaneous (transitory) states or qualities and also the position / location where things that don't move are (buildings, monuments, houses, etc.) or also, to show the place where we left something during a certain time.
Alo-bds profile picture Alo-bdsJuly 2017
"Ser" is to refer about how people or things are, for example: Yo soy una chica.( I am a girl) or Yo soy joven. (I am young)
"Estar" is more about how you feel or where you are. For example: Estoy cansado. (I am tired) or Estoy en casa. (I am at home)
diego11404 profile picture diego11404May 2016
ser = hablar de uno mismo , estar = estado + verbo