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What are some prepositions that govern the Nominative case, with short example sentences.


About_Blank profile picture About_BlankDecember 2023

@Tace ”в Москве” is not nominative case

"Что Володя за студент?"
"что за" - it's not a preposition here, it's a particle - a stable combination of a pronoun and a preposition, it`s not divided into component parts in modern Russian language.

"Дима пошёл в поли́тики... в солда́ты, в лю́ди, в бомжи́ и т.д."

It does look like the nominative case, but it's just an outdated form. People say that "for a beautiful word”.

We say "ра́ди кра́сного словца́"  = for the beautiful word :) ("кра́сный" here is not a modern word "red",  this is old word "beautiful")

KGB profile picture KGBDecember 2023

Do you realize that you contradict yourself?

You gave an example "v Moskve", and later you refer to it as "v Moskva".


Are trying to be funny?

  • Tace profile picture TaceDecember 2023
    KGBKGB profile picture I found this:
    Что Володя за студент?
    Дима пошёл в политики.

    These examples are from:

    Again, as a student, I know this site exists, but as a native speaker, you don’t. As a student, I say it over and over, that I am not making a claim that something is true; I simply state what I have found. The teacher is surprised when the student makes an obvious error? It is only obvious to the teacher.

    When I posted the obvious contradiction, I was focused on the idea that the answer to my question was an affirmative. I didn’t really read the answer. People do that. They aren’t perfect.

    By the way, why do you think I asked the question in the first place? I knew the answer should be that no prepositions govern the nominative case. I didn’t want to lead the witness, so I just asked the question to get honest answers. If I gave the sites initially, you could research it yourself. I wanted YOUR answers. Notice, it didn’t stop me from sending the websites now, and now I can get a new perspective.
  • Tace profile picture TaceDecember 2023
    KGBKGB profile picture, no I’m not trying to be funny. I don’t think you understand the learning process. In English, teachers teach the youngest students something called ”sight words.” These are short words that need to be seen and understand just by looking at them versus sounding out and ”reading” them.

    Sight words for first graders are words like, ”a,” ”the,” and so forth. Well, I don’t know much Russian, so I’m glad when I can read it at all. You will also notice in one comment that I say where I got that information... the polyglotclub chat. I also said I don’t trust it as far as I can throw it.

    Hopefully, this begins to build a picture.

    Now to find at least one website that also indicated that the two prepositions I mentioned can govern the nominative case. Those sites likely didn’t make the stupid mistake you just pointed out.

    Thank you, KGB.
Tace profile picture TaceDecember 2023
Daniil_auf_MytishchiDaniil_auf_Mytishchi profile picture thank you for your comment. What you were responding to had a question mark, so I don’t really understand your question, ”That’s a question?”
About_Blank profile picture About_BlankSeptember 2023

No prepositions are used before nouns in the Nominative case.

”Это Саша” - This is Sasha.

"У меня есть кошка" - I have a cat