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Stem nu!ubesvaret
Hi, I am currently learning russian as a beginner. Can you suggest any songs or artists that are somewhat easier to understand? thank you in advance.


Juliya_Androsova profile picture Juliya_AndrosovaNovember 2022
I guess it’s difficult learning Russian using songs. Because different strange words, sounds and metaphors are used in songs. For example I try to translate one popular children’s song: Beside the white apple of the moon, beside the red apple of the sunset, clouds from an unknown country are all in a hurry and running somewhere again.
I think it looks bizarre)))
I advise you try to read Russian children’s poems, the most popular is Агния Барто «Мячик», «Зайка», «Слон» etc.
  • niais profile picture niaisNovember 2022
    Yes! it definitely sounds bizarre but I want to use songs in order to get myself more familiarize with the russian vocal, sort of like a listening practice. I am going to check the poem too, Thank youu