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✓❌ How do you say "Yes" and "No" in Russian?

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JediConsul profile picture JediConsulAugust 2022

Little addition that can be interest in that case.

[EN] In Russian language we also have ambiguous expressions like "да нет" and "да нет, наверно". Both means "no" but not as explicitly as a simple "нет".
[RU] В русском языке существуют неоднозначные выражения: "да нет" и "да нет, наверно". Оба означают "no", но не так явно, как простое "нет".

Makhabat profile picture MakhabatAugust 2022
Yes -da ,no -net
kuevgeniia profile picture kuevgeniiaDecember 2022
yes - dah да. No - net нет