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Meaning of самый умный [samyy umnyy]

"Most smart" - is compliment, and "Most smart?" - is threat🧐


what does it mean ??


TorinoS profile picture TorinoSMay 2022

Самый умный что-ли?

This is a question only in form, but in fact it is a phrase intended to calm down a person who expresses an inappropriate point of view, for example, violating the hierarchy in the group. For example, if a student is arguing with a teacher. Or the younger person is impertinent to the older one.

This can be translated as: "Keep silence! Your opinion doesn't matter now."

It's not very rude, but it expresses the speaker's annoyance.

Igor105 profile picture Igor105May 2022

Самый умный = the smartest (Superlatives) = Le plus intelligent (Superlatifs)

KGB profile picture KGBDecember 2023

The meaning depends on the context and intonation.

1. Straightforward

Мой муж самый умный на этой планете.

My husband is the smartest man in the world.

2. Sarcastic

Ты что, самый умный?