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🕒 How do we Express the Future in Russian?


About_Blank profile picture About_BlankMay 2022

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 In Russian, perfective verbs are formed into the simple future tense corresponding to the form of the present tense, and from imperfect verbs - the complex future tense.

 The endings of perfect verbs in the simple future tense depend on the person and the number, e.g "сделать" (inf) "to do" -> "I will do":

(I) Я сделаю

(We) Мы сделаем

(You) Ты сделаешь

(You) Вы сделаете

(He, She, It) Он, она, оно сделает

(They) Они сделают

The endings of imperfect verbs in the complex future tense do not depend on the person and number, but the ending of the first verb "to be" changes:

(I) Я буду делать

(We) Мы будем делать

(You) Ты будешь делать

(You) Вы будете делать

(He, She, It) Он, она, оно будет делать

(They) Они будут делать.

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Igor105 profile picture Igor105Last month
Only imperfect Russian verbs have the present tense form Мы делаем.= This is the present tense. Мы сделаем. This is the future tense.
But the fact is obvious that the perfective verb is formed from the perfective verb with the help of prefixes. Мы (с-, у-, пере-, ...) делаем. That is, it is actually the future in the form of the present tense, which is formed due to perfection. This phenomenon occurs in many languages.
LinaTef profile picture LinaTefMay 2022
put the verb in the future tense, change the ending in the verb