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What does ”хин прям со кют ми” mean?
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victor_onl profile picture victor_onlSeptember 2020
that is when some teens try to write some Runglish (Ru + Eng) xD
Хин = it’s a dog breed, almost Pekingese =)
co = so
кют = cute
ми = word without translation to describe cuteness
usually it used like ми ми ми=)

  • exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2020
    I agree it’s ”Runglish”, but I think that ”ми” might also simple be a Russified ”me”; of course ”прям”, in this context, sort of means ”really” or ”straight up, yo”, so think of the English equivalent to ”хин прям со кют ми”, in this instance, as ”this Peke is really so cute to me” or ”I think this Peke is really damned cute.” Something like that. We encounter, in Spanich language in the USA, this phenomenon ALL THE EFFIN’ TIME: It is called ”Spanglish” and direct translations are nigh impossible. The expressions are more about ”feel” than ”literal”. Yo, y’all dig? Shit be phat yo.
exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2020
PS: In the USA we call this type of expression ”Ghetto” or ’hood talk.