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Aljina profile picture AljinaJuly 2020
Found someone who will speak with you in Russian by Skype for example
exRanger profile picture exRangerLast month
Get a Russian-speaking boyfriend or girlfriend (hey - no assumptions on my part) in your country whose command of the local language is weak and would prefer to speak in Russian, then start learning Russian the old-fashioned way.... pillow talk. Hey, I might have been formally trained by the US Department of Defence for a year an lived in USSR for 8 years, but I learned THE MOST via pillow talk w/ my girlfriends. It’s also the most enjoyable way to ”absorb” the tongue. /-:
  • exRanger profile picture exRangerLast month
    And yes you must FACE DOWN and master CYRILLIC. Period. This is a non-negotiable fact.
amiguser profile picture amiguserJuly 2020
I think you have to start everyday talking in russian with russians. Then you need to get some russian texts, study letters, words and language skeleton.
  • TatianaShr profile picture TatianaShrLast month
    Я могу помочь тебе в изучении русского языка. Я родилась и выросла в России. Русский - мой родной язык.
Igor105 profile picture Igor105Last month
Before learning any information, and language is also information, you should know how to remember the information ”language” to the level of reflection. Any information has a structure, if you know this structure, you will understand the algorithm for studying information.
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgLast month
From my experience learning Russian + language teaching experience.

If you don’t have real experience with language teaching or learning, then don’t try to learn Russian by yourself! Take a beginner course in a group or find someone who knows how to teach a foreign language.

The very first step is to read and learn the Cyrillic alphabet. You need that to read Russian words, naturallly. While you are learning the Cyrillic alphabet letters, also learn how to write the Cyrillic alphabet. You’ll get all that for sure in a beginner Russian course. If, for some reason you want to teach yourself, you still need to know Cyrillic!

I really recommend taking courses for Russian if your first language is from Western Europe, such as Spanish. Apart from having another alpabet, the grammar in Russian is very different. For example, there are 6 noun cases - lots of different endings to words depending on the grammatical context.

I would take courses up to at least A2/pre-intermediate. Also, find Russian speaking friends to practise with.

It’s more work to get to an elementary or pre-intermediate level in Russian than, for example, English or Spanish. But once you get there, things are a bit easier than you think. Russian spelling is very regular - how words are written is generally how you say them. Still, it’s really important to have a very good grammatical basis for future learning and you need someone to teach you that.

Later on, when you are communicating with Russian speakers in Russian, I would also learn how to type in Cyrillic using a Cyrillic keyboard.
Eeeeeelena profile picture EeeeeelenaJuly 2020
Find a Russian course book