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когда сказать Них и Их?

Usage of words/ difference

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Aljina profile picture Aljina4 weeks ago

У них - they have. Их- theirs. У них есть дом. They have a house. Это их дом? Is this hous theirs? Это вороны. У них черные перья. These are ravens. They have black feathers. Их черные перья блестят на солнце. Their black feathers glisten in the sun. У них есть билеты? Do they have  tickets? Их билеты недействительны! Their tickets are invalid!

Igor105 profile picture Igor1053 weeks ago

The reason why H is inserted in front of ИХ is similar to the formation of the article AN instead of before words starting with a vowel in English. For example, an apple. These are the phonetic limitations of the human vocal apparatus.

Tereza_32 profile picture Tereza_323 weeks ago
Is this their house - Это их дом?
They have a new house - У них (они имеют)(есть) новый дом.
Do their children go to that school? - Их (чьи дети?) дети ходят в ту школу?
I have got their tickets, but I don't need them - У меня (есть) их билеты, но они мне не нужны.
harikagun profile picture harikagun3 weeks ago

Них answers the question where?
У них. (At their place). Or they have - у них есть дом (they have a house) Их - their. Normally followed by a noun, should be a noun atrer it.  Их дом. Their house