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разница между ж и ш
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Igor105 profile picture Igor105October 2019
The letter Ж denotes a sound similar to the buzzing of a beetle or bee. The letter Ш denotes the sound that creates air coming out, for example, from a damaged car wheel. Transliteration for English ж=zh, ш=sh.
victor_onl profile picture victor_onlOctober 2019
Please, precise your question, and ask exactly what you want to know about these two letters.

If talking about the pronounciation, they are different, if about the grammar in using they have some similarities.
So I would like to tell about pronounciation:

1) Ш it always sounds like SH in the English word: shake
Also we have letter Щ it´s with that little tail at right bottom edge. It always sounds like SH in the word: SHE

Школа[SHKO-LA] (school)
Шум[SHOOM] (noise)
Катюша[KA-TU-SHA] (affectionate word for name Katya in Russian)

Examples with Щ:
Щи [sounds like English SHE] (kind of soup with Russian origin)
Борщ [BORSH] (kind of soup with Ukrainian origin)
Мощь[MOSH`] (might, power)

2) Ж it always sounds like S in the world USUALLY
Жизнь[ZHIZN`] (life)
Уж [UZH] (kind of snake without poison)
Уже[U-ZHE] (already, yet)
183Natasha profile picture 183NatashaOctober 2019
это разные буквы алфавита