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Why "русскую литературу" is correct instead "русский литературу" in "Я изучаю русский/русскую литературу". Even it's first person who is saying.

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michaeldl profile picture michaeldlOctober 2019
"Литературу" is a feminine word is used in the accusative case.
- Я изучаю литературу.
- Литературу какую?
- Русскую.

Feminine adjectives in the accusative case have the endings -ую, -юю.

The ending "ий" have a masculine adjective in the accusative case (not only this case).

Я изучаю русский язык.
Я изучаю русскую литературу.
exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2019
It's simply adjective-noun agreement, accusative, of the feminine "object", which in this instance is "Russian literature", i.e., "русскую литературу:.
you need to pay closer attention to grammar rules of Russian regarding "cases" and how "endings" of words that are masculine, feminine, or neuter "inflect" according to the (1) case, (2) number -- as there are a different set of rules regarding pluralization of words that are masculine, feminine, or neuter. But be happy: @ least in Russian, unlike French, you don't need to attach an "article" to every noun and, unlike English, you needn't try to determine whether a noun (or adjective-noun paring) (1) requires an article @ all and (2) if an article is required, should it be "definite" or "indefinite". -exRanger
vlada_rey profile picture vlada_reyOctober 2019
The word литература goes together with русская, and not with the person who is saying.