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What is the best way to learn russian cases an how to use them?
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Tace profile picture TaceJuly 2019
I first memorized the names of the cases.
I then memorized when to use each. I recorded myself reading when to use each case.

Now it is time to write out sentences in each case. I write sentences that are as simple as possible, and as close to the other sentences as possible, changing only what is required to change the case.

I like to have three examples of each. I would listen to the three examples of one case until I am used to hearing the noun in a certain way. Then I would move to the next three sentences, each an example of the next case. listen to them like a mantra. You should hear the three sentences even when the recording isn't playing anymore. Focus on the nouns. Listen to the endings. Understand what is being said and correlate the meaning with the endings of the nouns for the case.

Then do the same for the rest of the cases.

Please understand, I don't speak Russian, but as a learner, I believe I understand why you need to understand how the cases work. At the moment you are trying to write even the simplest sentence, you have to have something to lean on. You need some knowledge of mechanics, otherwise the answer provided by the translator just drives you mad because you don't know how to reproduce that answer.

Good luck, nandini_ma.
Igor105 profile picture Igor105July 2019
Memorization is a separate function of the brain, it has nothing to do with languages. Memorizing a person must be taught as a bicycle ride.
Igor105 profile picture Igor105July 2019
The disadvantage is that in Russian there are 3 declensions plus exceptions.
Therefore, there is a long entrance to Russian, you need to memorize a lot of endings, this is a synthetic language, but it will be easier for you at a high level of language. The opposite of this is English, it has an easy entry.
Igor105 profile picture Igor105July 2019
The principle of teaching Russian cases is no different from teaching German cases, Russian cases are 6, and German are 4.