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Hi, I wanna learn russian, Somebody to help me ? :)


Veronika113 profile picture Veronika1132 weeks ago
I can help you with Russian, it’s my native language I’m really good in grammatic and I can teach you many stuff )
Omka profile picture OmkaMarch 2015
hi)I need your help because I very want to learn French and English also...)I think you're interesting and funny girl.So I think it will be amusing)
KnyazRasulYagudin profile picture KnyazRasulYagudinJanuary 2015
Hi. I have downloaded the textbook to learn French. In the book it's written, that the letter "e" on the end of a word is not being pronounced. But the machine translater pronounces it, for example, in the word "réservé". The second problem - it's written, that the letter "s" usually is not being pronounced on the end of a word, but it is pronounced , if a next word begins from a vowel, for instance, in the phrase "Avez-vous acheté". But the google-translator does not pronounce it. And - in my paper dictionary I didn`t find the word "acheté" at all.
Ask me about Russian, dear friend.
Best regards
LKatie profile picture LKatieJanuary 2015
hi! i need help with french i can help you with russian
Little_0ne profile picture Little_0neJanuary 2015
Hi)) Russian is my native so i'd be glad to help)))
lika-kz profile picture lika-kzJanuary 2015
hi i can help you. i know russian language.
AlphaFreedom profile picture AlphaFreedomJanuary 2015
I'm learning it right now (have been for the past year ad a half) and I have to say, it's an extremely hard language to learn. The grammar is extremely difficult, and unless (like me) you can mimic accents well, the pronunciation is hell! Good luck with learning, and message me if you have any questions!