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Hello, How different are Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese?

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GabrielOfficial profile picture GabrielOfficialSeptember 2022
I think you can compare the relation between the english from America and from England, but much more different. Some words are still in the brazilian, but the majority of them has changed a lot.
Pandra profile picture PandraJanuary 2023
The language is the same, but the accent and some words are differents. I’m brazilian and I can understand well PT-PT from some regions and other regions I can’t understand nothing at all.
Some words are false cognates and it’s funny in the most of time.
Sarafb profile picture SarafbApril 2023
I think the main differences are accent and african and native words that have influency in brazilian portuguese. In Brazil there are some ”portugueses” in different regions also, because we have different accents here.
MichaelRads profile picture MichaelRadsMarch 2023
Brazilian Portuguese has some influences from native words, but in schools we learn the grammar rules of Portuguese from Portugal.
Brazilians tend to have the slowest pronunciation, in which unstressed and stressed vowels are clearly pronounced. The Portuguese generally refrain from pronouncing the unstressed vowels, emphasizing only the stressed vowels. (
pt321 profile picture pt321December 2022
It’s a complex subject. I reccommend you check Lang Focus on youtube. That guy is awesome at replying to this kind of question.

Both language variaties differ on some grammar features, pronunciation, and idioms