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Looking for a language exchange partner

Hi everyone, I'd like to improve my basic Polish (vocabulary and nothing much) to start having basic dialogues with native speakers. I'd like to exchange English/Spanish for Polish. Mostly on weekends around 14:00 or 15:00 Polish time by Skype. Please feel free to contact me in case you're interested.

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KrzysztofSuchocki profile picture KrzysztofSuchocki2 weeks ago
Hi, If you want to polish your Polish with me let me know. I'm ready. Best regards Krzysztof
Anka500 profile picture Anka5002 weeks ago
I can pracice your Polish via Skype but I have time around 16:30 and later during the week. If you want, write to me
pozdrawiam, Ania
Dorcia25 profile picture Dorcia252 weeks ago
Napisałam do Ciebie.