Polish for English / German / Spanish / Japanese

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  Hello! :) 

My name's Magda, I live in Wroclaw, Poland. 

If you're interested in learning my native language,

I'd be happy to help.

In exchange, I want to improve my skills of English, German (I know quite a lot of the language, but I really, really need somebody to talk to :)), Japanese (elementary) and Spanish (very basic). 

Hope to hear from you soon!

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rose2121 profile picture rose2121July 2016
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DancingPenguin03 profile picture DancingPenguin03February 2012
Hi Magda,

I would love to help you with your English! I'm afraid my Polish is too elementary to really practice, but hopefully I will eventually be able to use it. I only know a few phrases that get used during family events here in the USA.

Let me know if you'd like a language partner!
eno_one profile picture eno_oneDecember 2011
Chciałbym lepiej po polsku mówać
In exchange I could help you with English. it isn't my native language, but we can talk anyway
EverybodysOP profile picture EverybodysOPNovember 2011

I can help you with your English, if you want.  You must be beyond the basics, so I'll try to help with advanced topics. What are you wanting to learn?