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🤗 How do you say ”hello” in Greek?

Dear Polyglots 😃

Could you please help PolyglotClub complete the Wiki page that contains the different ways to greet people in Modern Greek?

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Gallakos profile picture Gallakos2 days ago

Γεια σου (gia sou) > friend and one person

Γεια σας (Gia sas) > some people or formal 

καλησπέρα (kalispera)

Marianth profile picture Marianth2 days ago

Γεια! (gia ) : Generally in the company of friends.

Γεια σου (gia sou) :This is the singular

Γεια σας (gia sas) : This is the plural, or the plural of courtesy.

The meaning of ”Γεια σου, or Γεια σας is: you be or you’re healthy!

καλησπέρα or καλησπέρα σας : is typical, formal.

AlexandraK89 profile picture AlexandraK89Yesterday
Also χαίρετε, ( herete), more or less means be happy.
Shows good mood to the other person, we use it as hello or goodbye too.