Chinese Lesson 2

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Mona00Mostafa profile picture Mona00MostafaDecember 2020
Thanks for this lesson, it’s so helpful. I hope you post lessons about how to read Chinese characters. I know how to read Mandarin Chinese, but reading Chinese characters is a real obstacle for me while learning Chinese.
Dan-AB profile picture Dan-ABNovember 2009

Good explanations.  You obviously care that the student understands.

Merli profile picture MerliNovember 2007

wow, its hard. I dont wanna know the grammar part... it is madness probablyXD I don't learn chinese, but it is interesting... and actully it dont seem so horrible now.

Oh, on eother funny thing - "na li". Well in estonian you prodnuce it allmost the same(only maybe shorter)  and it means "joke".

ehul profile picture ehulNovember 2007
Very instructive, but sometimes going too fast. (Everything has to be repeated at least 3 times in good teaching, I suppose. E.g. I couldn't pick up the word with the second tone and its meaning.) The written characters also differ quite a lot from the standard printed ones. This makes it very interesting for me, because I'm a little bit used to the printed signs, but isn't it more important to learn the printed characters than the written characters, because you see and use these less often? Wouldn't it be useful to say at the beginning what the lesson is going to bring and to summarize everything at the end? (What a lot of critical comment - but I really enjoyed the lesson!)