Chinese Lesson 1

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NekoLuv profile picture NekoLuvJuly 2013
Can you please continue? I learn a lot from this one video. I'm giving you a good.
XiaoTuan profile picture XiaoTuanDecember 2012
Are you Taiwanese ^^?
piter665 profile picture piter665December 2008
  What dialect is it, differs a litle bit from Mandarin eg 's'i for 'shi' and 'zong' for 'zhong'.
ehul profile picture ehulNovember 2007
Nice presentation. I also learned a lot. Perhaps a little bit too much at one time? (Rather leave the traditional character forms out at this stage?) The structure of the characters might be clarified. (What is the radical, what are repeated elements in different characters?) But I'm hungry for more of this!