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Can I be fluent on a language only if I’m self studying?


wbtRg profile picture wbtRg4 days ago

There is no chortcut for people to speak a language in fluency,but the only way is to 'input & output' in the language repeatedly.

Because the grammar is mainly for standardizing the written language not the spoken language.

We all know that a person without literacy can also chat with others,because he can always listen & speak from his childhood to now.

Listening & speaking is exactly the core of Spoken language.

'input' means 'listen', 'output'means 'speak', so you'd better talk with the native speaker repeatedly,

and also read aloud the related sentence repeatedly When you have independent free time.

Reading aloud is the best combined action of listening&speaking.

That's all I can think of so far.

  • wbtRg profile picture wbtRg4 days ago
    An important thing I forgot to say above, the premise of spoken language is that you must have a certain amount of vocabularies, otherwise nothing makes sense .
djc00086 profile picture djc00086October 2021
I believe that the best way to speak Mandarin fluently is the frequent practice in daily life. You could learn some new words or phrases, then you need to speak it loudly. In addition, if you can have a conversation with a native speaker to practice the new words or expressions you learned today, you will make great progress!
  • jade312 profile picture jade312November 2021
    you need pacience and time
    read books and install application can help you
    if you past at least 30 minutes and it’s better more because more time per day is winning time for your brain
    adopt an healthy lifestyle
    good luck