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Do you understand Cantonese?

Hello :) I'm doing a presentation about the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese, so if you could answer a few questions, it would really help me !

1. When you are listening to a song in Cantonese, how much do you understand? (do you understand what the song is about? Or only some sentences...)

2. What is the most difficult thing about understanding Cantonese? (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary...)

3. Can you easily read something written in Cantonese?

Thanks in advance for your answers, they will be greatly appreciated ^^

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GrimPixel profile picture GrimPixelDecember 2020

For Mandarin speakers without experience of Cantonese, they totally don't understand. The vocabulary is the hardet part, I guess. If it's written in written form (in the fashion of Mandarin), they can understand, but if written in colloquial form, they can't.