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In the evening you should say 晚安 But in everyday life, do you only say 晚 I heard it in the drama
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mike_brown profile picture mike_brownFebruary 2021
No,晚安means good night.晚上好 means good evening.I think if you pronounce 晚安 quickly.It’s like 晚.安 seems to be omitted.
WzShen profile picture WzShenFebruary 2021
Actually we donnot greet others using words like

”Good evening”(which means 傍晚好, wish you everything goes well from 17:00 to 20:00 maybe)
or ”Good night”(which means 晚安, wish you a good sleep),

because they depend too much on the time interval. What’s more, these phrases donnot have abbreviated forms, just like what you asked.