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Hi ! 

We have to present a famous Chinese dish in class, but I have trouble finding out what is typically Chinese, and what isn't. Can you give me the names of some typical Chinese dishes please? 

Thanks in advance

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Atuo profile picture AtuoApril 2019
dumplings 饺子
  • Tina_DU profile picture Tina_DUMay 2019
    dumplings means 饺子,饺子有许多种做法
Tina_DU profile picture Tina_DUMay 2019
gong bao ji ding 宫保鸡丁 Kung Pao Chicken
suan ca iyu 酸菜鱼 Pickled fish
shui zhu yu 水煮鱼 spicy fish
jian bing guo zi 煎饼果子 wrap
huo guo 火锅 hotpot
cu liu bai cai 醋溜白菜 sour cabbage
chao tu dou si 炒土豆丝 fried potato
ma la tang 麻辣烫 Malatang