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This is not 普通话, is it?

大家​好, can you tell me what they are singing in the following video? Every sign is pronounced differently, so I figured it can't be standard mandarin. Is it a dialect or something else? 谢谢

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GrimPixel profile picture GrimPixelNovember 2018
You should just search “喜气洋洋 钟盛忠 钟晓玉”, then you can find they are Malaysians.
Then you can find this:
You can see Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew may be the answer. You can find songs in these languages (or dialects) and find their differences.
The answer is Hokkien.
  • Joeyg profile picture JoeygJanuary 2019
    Hi Good day. This is not a mandarin song. It is a Cantonese - Chinese New Year song. Singers are from Malaysia.
  • Barde profile picture BardeDecember 2018

    I am sorry, but your answer is wrong, this song is in Cantonese. People in Guangdong Province(my hometown) and Hongkong speak a lot in Cantonese.