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Can I learn mandarin and cantonese at the same time????
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leenl profile picture leenlJuly 2013
Of course you can. I speak both. There are many differences between the two though. If you are interested in learning and practising either of them or both, please let me know.
sant-spain profile picture sant-spain3 weeks ago
Those languages on top of being very hard, they are very similar.

I recommend you first focus on one and once you reach a certain level, then move the other one.
heaven_star profile picture heaven_star2 weeks ago
I can speak Chinese and English fluently.
I am a web-developer ,, I want to have a talk with you.
WilliamLv profile picture WilliamLv3 weeks ago
I am a PhD in computer science. My research field designs artificial intelligence, deep learning, urban computing and intelligent transportation. Interested friends are very welcome to contact me.