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What’s going on with sentence structure?

So I'm using Duolingo to try and learn Latin, since it is the most accessible method for me, but the sentence structure, or apparent lack thereof, is starting to really get to me. To use the basic sentence "I am a man" as an example, "Ego sum vir", "Ego vir sum", "Sum vir", and "Vir sum" are all shown as correct, and that doesn't quite make sense to me. So far it seems that the only rule in at least this kind of sentence is that if I choose to use a pronoun, it has to be at the beginning of a sentence, and all other words can go wherever? Can someone please clarify this for me? I know a three word sentence isn't the best example to use, but it was the simplest one I could think of to use

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Peasant profile picture PeasantMarch 2021

Latin has no fixed word order, however the preferred word order is subject-directObject-Verb. In English, this would sound like "the boy the dog sees," where the boy is the one seeing the dog.

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    I recommend you to really improve your latin: Familia Romana, the only manual to learn Latin in a natural way, letting you ”think” in Latin from the first lesson. I use it with my students with very good results.