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What is the difference between 아니요 and 안돼요? I know they have different meanings, but it seems to me that they are used in the same meaning. And when do should you use 아니요 and when 안돼요?


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sally131095 profile picture sally131095May 2014
i think 아니요 mean "no" you can use it when someone ask something is right or wrong. for example: someone ask " are you for asia?" you answer:"no i'm not" is 아니요. and for 안돼요 it mean " can not". example; someone took something from you you want to say " you can't do that" then you use 안돼요. or you want to stop someone from what they are doing you say" you cannot do that" then use 안돼요. when you want to ask "can't i...?" you can use "...안돼요?"
  • koreanamericano profile picture koreanamericanoMay 2014
    Sally is correct for the most part, however the phrase 안돼요 is mostly used as an interjection or an answer to a question. It also means "It doesn't work."
nebuleto101 profile picture nebuleto101May 2014
Basically 아니요 is an answer to the Yes/No question and it means "No". 안돼요 is a permission which means "Should not".
nebuleto101 profile picture nebuleto101January 2018
예/아니오 means Yes/No.
돼요/안돼요 means Do/Do Not (or Can Do/Can Not Do or Should Do/Should Not Do)