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안녕하세요! About polite speech endings

My grammar book says "when the stem ends in -아 or 오, we use -아요. When it ends in any other vowel we use - 어요." So, when it ends in a consonant which one we use? l found some exambles, but I don't get it, so is there a rule? Do we concider the actual spelling, or the sound of the syllable? eg . 살아요, 받아요, 먺어요, 넣어요.

Thank you in advance!



seungcheol profile picture seungcheolTháng trước

-아요, 어요 use when you suggest or request that someone do something

When the end of Verb is ㅏor ㅗ, we use -아요

when the end of verb is not ㅏ or ㅗ, we use -어요

For example, 살아요 = 살다(verb) + 아요

넣어요 = 넣다(verb) + 어요

써요= 쓰다(verb) + 어요

in addition, 먺어요 is wrong, 먹어요 is correct