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Why does the Hangul for hyung seem incomplete?

형 (hyung)

i see the h (ㅎ) sound and the yeo (ㅕ) sound, but where are the n and g sounds? shouldn't there be a ㄴ and a ㄱ somewhere in there for ng sound? Is the romanization just confusing me? Thank you! 

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nebuleto101 profile picture nebuleto101May 2019
It is a very simple rule in Korean alphabet, 한글.
o represents 2 sounds symbol.
1. o has no sound, a silent sound, when it comes first in a syllable
2. o has 'ng' sound when it comes last in a syllable
Simple. Very easy.
  • nebuleto101 profile picture nebuleto101May 2019
    Actually, once upon a time, several hundreds years ago, we use different symbols for the first o and the last o. However, we united two characters to just one symbol 'o' nowadays for easy use.
nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwuMarch 2019
The 'ng' sound which is the same 'ng' sound in English gerunds ('ing') is written as 'ㅇ'. Therefore instead of 'ㄴㄱ' you have 'ㅇ'.
nkma profile picture nkmaMay 2019
A syllable in Korean language has 2 or 3 phonemes. 1st and 3rd phoneme is a consonant. 2nd one is a vowel. As a 3rd phoneme, "-n" could be correspond to "ㄴ", "-g" to "ㄱ" and "-ng" to "ㅇ". Not all romanized alphabets have a one-to-one correspondence with Hangul character.