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What’s the difference between "kamsahamnida" and "gomawo"?
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coconut63 profile picture coconut63August 2017
Kamsahamnida is more polite expression. You can use it when you have to be more polite and official like class, presentation, meetings, conference and so on. On the other hand, gomawo is more like friendly and informal expression. you can use it to your friend or close people, but not to your teacher or your boss.
nebuleto101 profile picture nebuleto101January 2018
Actually There is no difference between 감사합니다 and 고맙습니다. You can almost replace them each other in any sentences with ease. The only thing you'd try not to be rude is usages of suffixes. For example, 고맙습니다. 고마워요. 고맙다. 고마워.